Question 1: I have added few fields in custom report types in UAT. Can i move these changes using ANT tool to PRODUCTION?

Usually after deployment, we manually add fields in Report Types in Production which involves lot of effort.

Question 2:

Also, I want to move FLS from UAT to PROD. i Came by few solutions that if i add profiles to my package.xml, FLS too would move to PROD. Will it have any impact on permission sets? Say, i added a new field and made it read only for 'xyz' profile in UAT Env. this field is not added to any permission set. When i migrated this field along with 'xyz' profile using ANT, all the permission in my Higher Environment will stay intact as i am no deploying any changes around that?

Please let me know if i need to be more elaborate or reframe my question?

  • You should really do these as two separate questions, better for future google users and better for you now too :) May 23, 2016 at 9:44
  • @KevinBoyle Its just that second question i didnt feel was all that great:) its just a small confusion i have related to permission set.
    – vishal
    May 23, 2016 at 9:51
  • Opening questions is pretty cheap and I personally think that second one has enough merit to standalone and help future searchers. Just my €0.02 though! Does my answer solve your problem? If so, it would be nice if you could mark it as correct :) May 23, 2016 at 10:40

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You can see in the API documentation that the fields are fully captured in the Metadata XML so will nicely migrate using ANT or anything that builds on the Metadata API. You just need to add ReportType to the package.xml and list any report types that you want to migrate.

In the screenshot below you can see our Salesforce Release Management solution, Gearset migrating a changed report type where I have added some fields, removed some others and created a new section. We offer a free no-restriction 30-day trial so you can use Gearset to do your next migration and see if it saves you time.

Gearset migrating a report type

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