I just downloaded the Data Loader from salesforce (mac version) on my machine. Now when I try to run it, it's giving me the error:

Please make sure that the config file: /Volumes/DataLoader/Data Loader.app/Contents/Resources/conf/config.properties exists and is writable.

Can anyone please help me figure out where these files are located/ work around it.


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I've had the same issue, and resolved it by making sure I installed the Data Loader application into /Applications and not somewhere else. There is also a known issue on this which you can report as affecting you.

  • I moved the new one but it still didn't work as the old version (with old logo) was getting copied over (i have no idea how) when I used the default Mac UI for moving new applications to "Applications". Nevertheless, I tried to copy, it created old version of the dataloader, i tried to copy again and chose "Keep Both" and this copied over the new version. I then deleted the old version and it's working fine now.
    – markgarg
    Jun 26, 2016 at 19:44

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