I am using data loader CLI for upserting users. I have a config.properties with following content:

[email protected] 

When I execute the process from process-conf.xml, I get following error:

ERROR [userUpsert] config.Config decryptProperty (Config.java:704) - Error loading parameter: sfdc.password of type: java.lang.String javax.crypto.BadPaddingException: Given final block not properly padded

Unable to run process userUpsert java.lang.RuntimeException: com.salesforce.dataloader.exception.ControllerInitializationException: Error loading config file: C:\Users\sohan_shirodkar\Desktop\HR_Feed_Automation\config.properties. Please make sure that it exists and is readable

Everything works perfectly fine when I keep properties file empty and hardcode those parameters in xml file. Please note that when I am initializing the parameters in properties file, I am deleting their entries from xml file. I hope this is correct.

I have also verified my encrypted password by decrypting it.

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The trick here is to initialize process.encryptionKeyFile value in the properties file itself along with the password. What I feel from this is that both the keys process.encryptionKeyFile and sfdc.password need to be initialized at the same location i.e. either within the xml file or within the properties file.

I also had to escape all the backslashes(\) in the file path as follows:


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