I have five fields called:

  1. Class_part1__c, Field type: Formula (Text)
  2. Class_part2__c, Field type: Formula (Text)
  3. Class_part3__c, Field type: Formula (Text)
  4. Class_part4__c, Field type: Formula (Text)
  5. Class_part5__c, Field type: Formula (Text)

In one record, only one of these fields contains Content. I want to set up a Process, checking each of these fields if there is Content or not, if there is than a field update should fill it into the field called:

  1. Classification__c, Field type: Text

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All five steps are the same:

Class1 Content = Class_part1__c Does not equal String "None" TRUE: Acion Name "enter Class1 to Classification" Field: Classification__c Formula Class_part1__c FALSE: Class2 Content = Class_part2__c Does not equal String "None"...

The Process is Activated bot nothing happens. What did I wrong?

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If you mean by having "Content" that it has a value

Instead of having all of those steps:

  1. Have ONE check that is

    • Records meeting criteria

    • Have for the criteria Field NOT EQUAL to Global Constant Null

    • Set the criteria to OR instead of and

  2. then have it update your field

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