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salesforce integration with google data api

I am trying to do salesforce integration with google data api. Google data api has some code that is in svn. So I have downloaded eclipse, subclipse 1.6(we also tried with 1.10 as well) and all ...
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ANT Deployment from SVN Repo to Sandbox

I have done deployment using ANT and I don't see much challenge in doing that. I would like know whether it is possible to 1. Retrieve components from Salesforce org hosted on SVN Repo and 2. Deploy ...
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Automation Deployment of Declarative and Imperative Components

This is a slightly large Architectural question. Within Salesforce you have many components. Those components are either declarative or imperative (like APEX and VF). As implementations get larger the ...
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Apex class will NOT save locally

I am fairly new to SF development, and I have a SF sandbox and am using Eclipse along with Subclipse and SVN to manage it. I created a new test class under classes, and added it to SVN. It shows up ...
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SVN Override and Update

We have setup (or at least trying) a team SVN server. If a colleague of mine selects 'override and update' will it then pushed IMMEDIATELY to our
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Config management for - Extracting all the metadata

We are trying to maintain source code repository for our project (predominantly configuration). We are using Subversion (SVN) for this. The idea is to extract all the metadata in ...
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Salesforce Single Sign On with Delegated Authentication using Google App Engine

I am trying to do delegated authentication using google app engine I am getting multiple issues. First of all tortoize svn tells me that the svn checkout in this page
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Comparison/diff tool for the files in static resources with in eclipse

Is there any tool which compares the differences between the previous file and the current file in the static resources. Static resources have many files and many people are working on it. We need a ...
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Unable to use destructiveChanges.xml with multiple developers

(Sorry, long post) We have a team of 4 developers, each with their own DE org We are struggling with propagating destructive changes between orgs. From our reading of the docs, we should be able to ...
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SVN Branching in Eclipse/ IDE

I am working with an SVN repository in Eclipse with the IDE. I am having trouble working with branches. Can anyone guide me on how to work with branches? I have gone through many blogs, but ...
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