I have a custom object - responses. I want the name field to have a lookup relationship with the contacts object. Is this possible?

  • It can be possible using code. Commented Feb 25, 2015 at 14:51

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Are you asking if the standard 'Name' field that is part of a new object can be a lookup field? Then then the answer is 'no'. Name is a required and standard field that can only be a text field or an autonumber.

However, there are several options you can use to work around it.

1) A workflow rule to update the Name, with the same string as the related record's name (recommended).

2) Use autonumber on the name, remove it from the layout, and add a custom name field in place of the lookup. You won't be able to use the name field in related lists as well, but it's an option.


You can use a formula 'text' field using the 'hyperlink' function to create a pseudo lookup. Here's a quick example using case/contact:

HYPERLINK(ContactId, "Contact Link")

Hyperlink assumes the / so you don't have to do "/" & ContactId.

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