I am trying to edit one formula to have one additional value in the specific result. Basically I've added additional value in the multi-select picklist (N/A), and I want that value to give the same result as the No value in the multiselect picklist.

I am working with the following code:


This is related to : Giving formula values with multi-select picklist

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regarding your formula here is a short explanation:

IF (ISBLANK(Video_Monetizing_tool__c), // if video monetizing tool != null
    NULL, // return null
    IF(INCLUDES(Video_Monetizing_tool__c,"No"), // else return if Video Monetizing = no
    0, // 0
    10 // otherwise return 10

In order to extend the existing functionality we have to exit the line IF(INCLUDES(Video_Monetizing_tool__c,"No"),. The if argument has to be true in case Video_Monetizing_tool__c is contains to "No" or contains "N/A". Therefore we can use the OR() operator.

[OR] evaluates if at least one of multiple values or expressions is true. Use this operator as an alternative to the logical function OR. - SFDC Documentation

The result looks like this: IF(OR(INCLUDES(Video_Monetizing_tool__c,"No"), INCLUDES(Video_Monetizing_tool__c,"N/A")),

And this is the final result:

IF (ISBLANK(Video_Monetizing_tool__c),
    IF(OR(INCLUDES(Video_Monetizing_tool__c,"No"), INCLUDES(Video_Monetizing_tool__c,"N/A")), 
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    thank you very much for explaining this in details it gives me really better perspective of how things are working. Commented Dec 4, 2014 at 8:12

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