Integer a = totalRecords.size(); //1250
decimal b = 400;

integer block = a/b;  //3

The actual result of 1250/400 is 3.125. Because I used integer block, I get 3 as answer. Instead of that if I use

decimal block = a/b;  

I get the result as 3.125

But what I want is, if the result is not perfect number (anything with decimals, like 3.125), I want it to be shown as 4 (increment by 1). If its perfect division, then I want to leave it as it it.

How to achieve this? Please let me know.

Another example:

1303/5 = 260.6, I want the result to be 261
1300/5 = 260.  I want 260 only.

See documentation for Decimal class

in order to achieve what you want you need to round your result up:

Decimal block = a/b;
Integer roundedBlock = block.round(System.RoundingMode.UP));

UPDATE: I have suggested you use RoundingMode.UP based on your examples, however you should also consider using RoundMode.CEILING (or Math.ceil() as suggested by @MLucci) - difference between the two is around behaviour with negative numbers.

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