I have crated few products. Now I cannot find them when I am trying to add them to the Opportunity. Products are active. They are added to a Price Book. Price Book is also active. Any idea what is required to be done?

  • Are you the Opportunity Owner? If not check the permission for editing opportunity.
    – highfive
    Oct 7 '14 at 10:55

I found something like this myself puzzeling one time or another. I was usually able to find and use products after pricebook entries in the standard and at least one custom pricebook where present and active. Note you can not only activate/deactivate products but also the pricebook entries themselves.

Please check the following:

  • Custom Pricebook exists and is active
  • Custom Pricebook is assigned to the specific Opportunity
  • Pricebook Entries exists in the Standard Pricebook and is active
  • Pricebook Entries exists for the Custom Pricebook and is active
  • Product is active

In case if you enabled multi-currency in your Org you need to check your opportunity currency and product currency. The mismatch may cause the same result

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