We are creating records in our organization by making Composite Requests through the REST API. For the most part, things are working as intended.

However, none of our Before-Save (Fast Field Update) record-triggered Flows are being run on the newly created records. Those Flows are being run as expected when we create a record through the user interface, but not through our REST calls.

The Salesforce Platform - Order of Execution Overview seems to suggest that they should be running. Attempts to find any authoritative answer within the Salesforce documentation have not been successful.

If we make a POST REST API call using a CompositeRequest to create records, should we expect the Before-Save Flows to run for each created record? If so, what might be causing them not to run? If not, is there any way to make them run?

Edit #1: This is the Flow's Start

When a Rental Agreement is created or update, and one of two fields has changed, then we want this Flow to be run. (The flow then copies some values from the related Freight_Rate__c into fields on the Rental_Agreement__c itself.

When Rental_Agreements__c is created from the Salesforce UI, it works as expected. When created from a Composite REST API call, the Rental_Agreement__c is created, but this Flow is not run. (Or if it is run, we're not seeing the output as we do when run from the UI.)

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  • Can you add your condition of workflow trigger or conditions on which specific actions might be happening Commented Mar 12 at 22:21

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The isChanged operator doesn't work on the Insert condition. You can change your your logic to a formula like RecordPrior.FieldA <> Record.FieldA or RecordPrior.FieldA == Null && Record.FieldA <> Null. This workaround will solve this issue. https://salesforce.stackexchange.com/questions/382101/ischanged-flow-entry-criteria-when-record-is-created#:~:text=The%20Is%20Changed%20operator%20is%20available%20for%20flows,previous%20value%20exists.%20Thus%20Is%20Changed%20won%27t%20evaluate.

  • Turns out the previous experience was always by updating a record, not creating one. This answer will probably fix another bug in a Flow that was implemented the same way. Thank you.
    – kennyc
    Commented Mar 13 at 2:33

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