I added the html tag for bring up the file upload on Salesforce1. It works on the iphone but it doesn't work on the android phone ( Samsung Note 4 comes with Android 4.4.2 ) Is there anything missing or SF1 file upload doesn't work on the android

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Google intentionally removed the functionality to open a file chooser from webviews in Android 4.4 (chromium 30 based webviews), as it wasn't a public API. This impacts Cordova/Phonegap which Salesforce1 is built on top of.

According to this Android issue tracker thread it should be fixed in Android 4.4.3 (chromium 33 based webviews), though this appears to be a partial fix as some people appear to be still experiencing problems with that and 4.4.4.

There's some more detail from the Cordova perspective on their bug reporting system.


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