I there any way that we can call the Visualforce component inside the Aura component?

I tried the below code its not working, Can anyone help me on this?

<!-- MyAuraComponent.cmp -->
    <apex:include component="wallmart" />


enter image description here

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The apex namespace doesn't work in Aura. Inside a community, in the Builder, you can just click on Components, then add a Visualforce component, and specify the page in the component configuration. There's no need to write a custom component.

However, if you still wanted this approach, you'd want to use something like:

<iframe src="/communityprefix/apex/wallmart">

You need to make sure that the Guest User has access (Setup | User Interface | Sites and Domains | Sites | | Public Access Settings | Visualforce Pages), and make sure that the page allows itself to be framed.

  • Getting An unexpected connection error occurred. screenshot attached above
    – SK2889
    Feb 8 at 3:27

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