We have an Opportunity that has a related lookup list to a custom object. When we click on the related list record it opens up a custom Visualforce page. Hopefully this is a simple oversight for me but I am confused how the related record knows to pop a VFP. There isn't anything on the header of the VFP that would indicate it was taking over the standard page layout of the custom record. How would a custom VFP override the standard layout of a custom object?

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    most likely, the standard View button was overridden for that custom object. See Setup | Buttons and Actions for the custom object
    – cropredy
    Aug 5 at 16:57
  • brilliant. thank you that was it
    – Olivia
    Aug 5 at 20:32

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When the standard detail page doesn't display when clicking on a link to that object, the most likely reason is that the standard View action has been overridden for that object (standard or custom)

You can see this in Setup | Object Manager | _your object_ | Buttons and Links

  • In Classic - you can override with a visualforce page
  • In Lightning, you can override with the Classic override (i.e. VFP) or with a Lightning component

here's an example from an org I have: enter image description here

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