As per the documentation of salesforce, One can use retrieve() to retrieve one or more records based on the specified IDs.

This is the syntax-based of the above reference document.

sObject[] result = connection.retrieve(string fieldList, string sObjectType, ID ids[]);

What is this connection mean here? I tried the following syntax with no luck

List<String> listIds = new List<String>{'a0H3l00000PE9PMEA1'};
sObject[] result = Database.retrieve('ID, Name', 'Account', listIds);

And received the following error

COMPILE ERROR: Method does not exist or incorrect signature: void retrieve(String, String, List) from the type Database LINE: 2 COLUMN: 29

What am I missing here?

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    The doc example you're looking at is for java and related to the SOAP API. What are you trying to accomplish? If it's just a query, in apex, you can do SOQL queries. Mar 24, 2022 at 18:31
  • Definitely SOQL is the first choice to retrieve records in apex, but I am looking for some other syntax. Mar 24, 2022 at 21:08

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This API unfortunately doesn't exist in Apex. You can call the REST API to get at this data, but it requires a callout. This has been asked for before but closed due to low activity. Unfortunately, you'll have to build your own queries.

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