I want to create a custom header with my custom field, but with this code, I can't see the fields, they are not visible, what is the error in my code ?

    <div class="myheader slds-page-header">
        <div class="slds-page-header__row">
                <lightning-input-field field-name="Statut__c"> </lightning-input-field>
                <lightning-input-field field-name="Name"> </lightning-input-field>
                <lightning-input-field field-name="Profit_Center_Formula__c"> </lightning-input-field>
                <lightning-input-field field-name="Station_Type__c"> </lightning-input-field>                  



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lightning-input-field must be inside a lightning-record-edit-form in order to be visible.

  • thanks , i added a lightning-record-edit-form and it worked , thanks Jan 26, 2022 at 9:50

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