I am trying to run a flow that changes a case owner if no one has taken the case from a queue after 24 hours. However, I only want this run on business days and non-holidays. I am trying a scheduled-flow and it does not allow for this option.

Case escalation is not applicable since the owner should be based ona field.

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An approach to this problem is as follows

  • Run the scheduled flow every day
  • Use a decision block as the first element to decide if the rundate is a business day. If yes, continue to the other flow elements. If not, do nothing

How you decide whether it is a business day can be as simple as a formula that looks to see if the run date is a weekend day. If you need to include holidays, you can use an invocable apex to decide if it is a holiday


I am in the same boat here but for Business Hours. I would like the scheduled path to run only during business hours.

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