I have written the below python code for JWT integration:

from datetime import datetime
import jwt
import time
import requests

# *** Update these values to match your configuration ***
KEY_FILE = 'server11.key'
SUBJECT = '[email protected]'
# *******************************************************

DOMAIN = 'test' if IS_SANDBOX else 'login'

print('Loading private key...')
with open(KEY_FILE) as fd:
    private_key = fd.read()

print('Generating signed JWT assertion...')
claim = {
    'iss': ISSUER,
    'exp': int(time.time()) + 300,
    'aud': 'https://{}.salesforce.com'.format(DOMAIN),
    'sub': SUBJECT,
assertion = jwt.encode(claim, private_key, algorithm='HS256', headers={'alg':'hmacSHA256'})

print('Making OAuth request...')
r = requests.post('https://{}.salesforce.com/services/oauth2/token'.format(DOMAIN), data = {
    'assertion': assertion,

print('Status:', r.status_code)

The error I'm getting is like this I don't know why

Status: 400
{'error': 'invalid_grant', 'error_description': 'invalid assertion'}

Process finished with exit code 0

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From the help page on the JWT flow:

Salesforce requires that a JWT is signed using RSA SHA256, which uses an uploaded certificate as the signing secret.

HS256 is not accepted by Salesforce (via a connected app and the Salesforce-provided services/oauth2/token service).

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