I need to create a data table that contains Task and Opportunity data, but puts them together in the same table that uses days of the week for column headers. Example below - I've never seen a way to iterate over two different objects in the same table, anyone done this before? Is there a way to create two PageBlockTables but have them appear right above/below each other to create the same effect?

enter image description here


No, things like apex:dataTable and apex:panelGrid won't generate this kind of table for you. You need to do it yourself.

    <apex:repeat items="{!userdata}" var="data">
      <tr><td colspan="6">Tasks for {!data.name}</td></tr>
        <td># of Tasks</td>
      <tr><td colspan="6">Accounts for {!data.name}</td></tr>
        <td># of Tasks</td>

This also means you'll need a wrapper object, and some maps to associate all the data together. The above code should give you a starting point, you just need the Apex from here.

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