Is there a way I can go back to previous calling page after processing save on a Visualforce Page in Salesforce1?

I have a Page where I click on a link and I use navigateURL() function to process this navigation, now in this VF page, I have a form that requires some input values and a button Save.

I want to be able to go back to the previous calling page after I complete the Save processing. How can I do that?

  • Any one knows how to do back navigation from Salesforce1? – VarunC Apr 22 '14 at 10:15

I found the solution in one the comments of the link below:


Code: sforce.one.back(true);

  • yes, I found it earlier, but thnx for adding it here as answer as well, gonna mark it now. – VarunC Feb 24 '15 at 19:34

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