I have an existing SSO setup using ADFS as the identity provider. I wish to add a RelayState parameter to the end of the Login URL https://help.salesforce.com/articleView?id=000331033&type=1&mode=1. In the SSO setup in Salesforce, the Login URL cannot be edited through the UI although is present in the metadata XML if it is downloaded. I am a bit unclear from the documentation on how to do this, it seems to be me either

  1. This is something that has to be updated in ADFS
  2. I would have to re-create the SSO setting by uploading a new XML metadata file with the RelayState parameter specified.

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RelayState should be added to the end of your IDP init URL (Identity Provider Login URL). This field is editable through UI

Example: https://identity.my.salesforce.com/idp/login?app=0spE00000008XXX&RelayState=/apex/test

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RelayState is sent as an HTTP Parameter alongside a SAML AuthnRequest. See example request below


This will ensure that the user gets redirected to the specific relay state after successful login

The example shown in the documentation takes the user to a VF page called test after successful login

  • Thanks for the response in our scenario we are using ADFS as our identity provider not a Salesforce IDP. We are also using service provider initiated login flow where the user access a Salesforce link after being authenticated to ADFS and Salesforce makes the request to the ADFS IDP to authenticate. Would your solution still work in that scenario?
    – scottrm
    Jun 26, 2020 at 16:45

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