I have been writing Java/Chromedriver/Selenium code to SQA some Salesforce (apptus) pages. The project manager says they are going to Lighning in several months. I am trying to get a jump start on figuring out lightning and what changes I may have to make. I was looking for some sites already developed in Lightning that are open to the public, that I can look at with Chrome Inspector. Can anyone suggest any?

  • By the way, these are agreement documents and amendment documents – Tony Jun 18 at 14:43

You can sign up for your own personal developer environment at developer.salesforce.com. You'll be able to use Lightning in that Developer Edition org and build whatever tools and experiments you need to prepare for your project.

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  • I actually tried but it wanted me to agree to the conditions. I have no problem doing that. Just I could not find the box to check to agree. – Tony Jun 18 at 17:42

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