The above query results in an error

SELECT MAX(CreatedDate),OldValue,NewValue 
FROM LeadHistory 
GROUP BY OldValue,NewValue

The error :

ERROR at Row:1:Column:69 field 'OldValue' can not be grouped in a query call

Can someone explain this error ?


If you execute this code in "Developer Console"/"Debug"/"Open Execute Anonymous Window":

System.debug('>>> isGroupable=' + LeadHistory.OldValue.getDescribe().isGroupable());

you will see that false is returned and the documentation says:

isGroupable() Returns true if the field can be included in the GROUP BY clause of a SOQL query, false otherwise

So this is a limitation of the platform, and you will have to query the values ungrouped and use Apex code to achieve your desired logic instead.

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  • Thanks Kieth for your valuable information. I have one scenario where – JJoseph Mar 6 '14 at 12:08
  • I want to get only the latest update about owner change on particular lead record by querying leadhistory object.my query is select createdate, oldvalue, newvalue from leadhistory where leadid='0145545xyz' .This will return all the records from created date to new date. – JJoseph Mar 6 '14 at 12:09
  • I will get my desired result by using order by on created date with LIMIT=1 . But I want it in efficient way. Please help. – JJoseph Mar 6 '14 at 12:16
  • Adding something like "Field = 'Owner'" to the where and adding "order by CreatedDate desc" should do it. But if you run into problems I suggest a new question. Also please accept the above answer as what we are discussing here is beyond the scope of your question. – Keith C Mar 6 '14 at 12:37

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