I believe I've found a minor bug / issue but would like to confirm. If there's a better place for me to put this bug report, please advise.

I've tested this in both my own application as well as the recipes application.


  1. Open recipes application to 'Misc' tab
  2. Open Chrome dev tools console
  3. Fire a ShowToast event with any variant
  4. Wait for the Toast to disappear
  5. Look at messages in Chrome dev tools console

If my Salesforce user debug mode is not enabled, I simply get a warning:

Invalid icon name utility:

If my Salesforce user debug mode is enabled, it becomes an error

Error: [LWC error]: Invalid url value "". Expected a non-empty string. <lightning-primitive-icon> <lightning-icon>

Here's an image in case it helps

recipes application after call to toast with debug mode enabled

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