In my VF page I have some Javascript to format passed variables. I have a string eg "Cost is $100.00" from which I need to remove all non-digit characters, EXCEPT the digital period. I want the result to be 100.00

I currently have:

var x = "Cost is $100.00";
var y = x.replace(/\D/g, '');

which removes all non-digit characters, including the "." What do I need to do to keep that?


You can write a negated character class with ^ to include the period, ., and the set of digits, 0-9:

var z = x.replace(/[^0-9.]/g, '');

z is then "100.00".

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  • Seeing a proposed edit prompted me to add this comment. Normally, a period/full-stop is a wildcard (matches any single character), and you'd need to escape it to match a literal "period". However, since it appears in a character class, it does not need to be escaped. – Derek F Apr 22 at 11:23

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