I am trying to parse a string and want to replace All '(' with ' ( ' when I try to execute the following command

String s1 = '1AND( 2  OR  3  )  AND4 AND(5OR6)';
s1=s1.replaceAll( '(' , ' ( ' );

I get the following error

FATAL_ERROR System.StringException: Invalid regex: Unclosed group near index 1

When I try to use replace instead of replaceAll it works But I want to use replace all, please suggest me how to get it to work.


You simply need to update your replacement string to use an escape against "(" since these are special characters in regex.

Try the following:

String s1 = '1AND( 2  OR  3  )  AND4 AND(5OR6)';
s1=s1.replaceAll( '\\(' , ' ( ' );

It is worth reading the Salesforce documentation for String to understand the difference between replace and replaceAll. For literal replacements such as this one you probably can use String.replace.


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