We are in the process of migrating to Lightning. In our current solution we use on some objects the Visualforce override to view/edit the object record. For Lightning I would like to switch back the default view/edit actions.

So I was hoping to make both solutions work. VF overrides in classic view, default lightning record page for Lightning Experience.

What I tried so far:

  1. Hoping for the option to be available in the override section, not the case:

enter image description here 2. Creating a custom component (OpportunityRedirectTest) that uses lightning:navigation to navigate to the record id. But as expected, this just creates a loop.

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Well the solution was quite easy (if you would know). Just create a lighting record page (not the default one), and magiclly an extra option pops up that allows you the select the record page to use as an override.

enter image description here

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