I am trying to use DX to deploy to a sandbox. It has been a major hassle. At this point the only error I get is this:

Global value set 'External_Evaluation_Required__c' in record type 'Exception' on the entity 'Invention__c' cannot be resolved

External_Evaluation_Required__c is a picklist on a custom object and IS NOT a Global picklist. What is causing this error? I can post snippets of the metadata if I need to, but I can't see any part that is relevant to this error.

As a side note, is there any way to get DX to simply pull ALL of the metadata in my scratch org? The change detection is pretty terrible. For instance, if I just delete that one field, DX is not smart enough to pull the page layout changes, too. The scratch org automatically detects the change and makes a change, though. So I have to go to each layout and make some bogus change just so it recognizes a change in the layout and will pull the changes. This same issue happens on formula fields, too! It is agonizing!


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This is usually the problem when the field itself wasn't deployed.

When you deploy record type to field assignment, the corresponding fields should be successfully deployed before you deploy the record type with field assignment. You need to check the actual error on field why field is not deployed.

In my case I was moving global value set from one package to another and I had both issue on record type and on the field itself. So when I moved global value set to the package where I moved the fields, the error disappeared.

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