I have problem to pass 8 step in salesforce lightning superbadge. I don't know why... I using new playground.

I prepare 3 files from excel file from 3 tabs:

  1. Explorers - I split full name to first name and last name
  2. Adventures - I added standart pricebookid,
  3. OppInfo - i added 3 fields for - opportunity, contact, pricebookid

What I did:

  1. load Explorers,
  2. load Adventures
  3. load pricebook
  4. load opportunity
  5. load opportunity contact role - I think i have problem with it
  6. I try load Adventure packages and I have below problem:

enter image description here


Going on the error message alone:

Price Book Entry ID: id value of incorrect type: 01s.....

Something is looking for a PricebookEntry ID (01u keyprefix) and is instead getting a Pricebook2 Id (01s keyprefix)

Check the ID's you are putting in for the Price Book Entry ID are infact IDs for the correct record types.

See also:

  • hm, thank you - I loaded all of data but I can't pass ... you pass this chalang? could you provide scrren with opportunity/opplineitem/products/price book. Or check in my environment where I have problem? I don't know what i doing wrong. – John Oct 30 '17 at 17:14

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