I created a rest service in salesforce as below:

global with sharing class REST_Account_Service_V1{

    global static Account doGet(){
       RestRequest req=RestContext.request;

       Account result=[select Id,Name,Phone,Website FROM Account limit 1];
       return result;

Now I want to consume this REST service in SOAP UI, I did not find any wsdl file for this REST Service in salesforce. I also tried to test this REST service via workbench(https://workbench.developerforce.com/login.php) but it is asking for production or sandbox login,I have only developer edition. Please suggest some other tools to consume and test REST API.

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As its developer edition then please select production as an option in Workbench. Once you successfully login then follow below steps

  1. Click Utilities --> Rest Explorer.
  2. Select Get
  3. Your URL should be :- /services/apexrest/v1/accounts

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