I created a rest service in salesforce as below:

global with sharing class REST_Account_Service_V1{

    global static Account doGet(){
       RestRequest req=RestContext.request;

       Account result=[select Id,Name,Phone,Website FROM Account limit 1];
       return result;

Now I want to consume this REST service in SOAP UI, I did not find any wsdl file for this REST Service in salesforce. I also tried to test this REST service via workbench(https://workbench.developerforce.com/login.php) but it is asking for production or sandbox login,I have only developer edition. Please suggest some other tools to consume and test REST API.


As its developer edition then please select production as an option in Workbench. Once you successfully login then follow below steps

  1. Click Utilities --> Rest Explorer.
  2. Select Get
  3. Your URL should be :- /services/apexrest/v1/accounts

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