I am using Jitterbit in salesforce but I don't know Jitterbit Script and have no idea how to use it and why we use it and what are the advantages of using script.

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The jitterbit scrip is mainly used to enhance the standard features of jitterbit. Lets say you have some data from a external database that you want to bring into salesforce. You want to add the values from two fields and load that added value into a field in salesforce. You would accomplish this using some scripting in the field mapping.

There are some more complicated examples for how to use scripts in jitterbit but that is something you can learn more about by going to Jitterbits formula builder site. There you can see all the scripting methods that jitterbit has that should give you some idea as to what you can do in jitterbit's scripting tool. https://success.jitterbit.com/display/DOC/Formula+Builder

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