We have domain like *.example.com . Each of our customer have domains like

  1. client1.example.com
  2. client2.example.com

Hence the callabck url in out connencted app needs to be added with new url eachtime a new client on boards.

Can we use package push upgrade each time new clients onboards with callabck url list updated with new clients URL .

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It is not possible to change the callback URL in the manner you mentioned for new package push upgrades. See this document where it states

For your convenience, you can update some fields in a connected app and the changes apply immediately to all installed versions of the app. For example, connected app descriptions are immediately updated in each version of the connected app. The following version-independent fields bypass the packaging or installation lifecycle.


Info URL

Logo Image URL

Callback URL

You can though specify multiple callback URLs for every connected app with effect as per these rules.

Here's another thread which confirms wildcards are not supported.


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