In our managed ISV package we have a custom object that in many customer orgs might run into LDV issues as the nature of this object lead to million of records.

I know that Salesforce support can

  • index certain fields
  • create skinny tables
  • increase timeout limits

to prevent most of them, but only per customer org.

Is there any way to auto enable/disable those feature for all customers of our package?

  • Skinny tables only help speed up join performance. If you only have one table that's going to be huge they probably won't be very helpful. Jul 12 '13 at 23:11

No, these features are intended to be manual activation only. You can usually request these features on behalf of your customer through the partner portal. These settings are recommended to not be used until they would provide a positive impact, as indexing and skinny tables introduce additional DML and querying overhead.

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    Indexing is highly data specific, so this is good advice. Also, you can force indexing on some field types by making it external ID. Jul 12 '13 at 23:11

I found the answer (Safe Harbour) in this recent Inside the Force.com Query Optimizer Webinar

Salesforce.com seems to plan that custom indexes can be delivered as part of a managed package without the need to index and optimize each customer org. Nice!

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