When using the Dataloader command-line, if the value of parameter sfdc.debugMessages is defined as TRUE then debugging SOAP messages are captured. In the log file generated I can see both the user and the password. If I set the value of sfdc.debugMessages to FALSE no logs are recorded. I want to record the logs as per my business requirement. My question is; whether there is any way to hide the user/password. Please suggest!

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    Same issue here :( Aug 3, 2016 at 20:24

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As per documentation sfdc.debugMessages will log SOAP message debugging. As login is one of the message that need to be exchanged it also log that with all input(user/pass) and output (session id,server urls, etc)

Now SFDC do have provision of filtering messages. At lest it not clearly documented. Which leads us to use other workarounds.

So, I can think of 2 workarounds for this:

1) Data loader source is available on GitHub. Modify the source code to filter out login messages from debug output.

2) Modify the process.bat (or write wrapper around it) which will process the log file and strip user/pass from the log.

Some thing like this:

set str=teh cat in teh hat
set str=%str:teh=the%

out put:

teh cat in teh hat
the cat in the hat

More option for string replace are available at: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/60034/how-can-you-find-and-replace-text-in-a-file-using-the-windows-command-line-envir

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