I am trying to invoke custom actions through REST API.

I created a HelloWorld Autolaunched Flow which updates Billing Address of Account and then sends out email so that i can get confirmation that flow got executed successfully. when i manually click on Run from the list of flows, Accounts are updated and i am able to receive email notification.

Then I tried to invoke the Flow from REST API.


flow does not have any input so my json payload is

  "inputs": []

I receive 200 status of Success however the Accounts are not updated and also email notification is not sent out.

Is there any configuration/setting/permission for REST API to invoke flow? or is my REST API call is having wrong data?

note: if i add at least one input to the flow and pass input value in json payload then entire flow works on REST invoke but in real i do not need any input.

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    Sounds like a bug to me .I would just open a case with support – Mohith Shrivastava Apr 19 '16 at 1:08
  • please share case details with me – harshal Apr 19 '16 at 6:09

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