What exactly is CF00NW0000000diSH_lkid a reference to, in this case?

portfoliofunction = [
    SELECT Id, Name, Subsidiaries_On_Contract__c
    FROM Contract_Overview__c
    WHERE Contract_Overview__c.Id =
    LIMIT 1

Is it a reference to an object's Id?

Here is the full URL :


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00N is the object type pertaining to Custom Fields & Relationships.

00NW0000000diSH is the actual field or relationship, which you can view from the Setup menu.

lkid refers to the Lookup ID of the object which will populate that field in the case of a new record.

For example, let's say you were some viewing some Master record and clicked New Detail. The URL will include /e?CF[relationship-id]_lkid=[master-id] and the form will be rendered with the master field pre-populated. Conversely, knowing this, you can generate and distribute links to that form.


_LKID = lookupId

Taking just the part of the url you have posted relating to _lkid


This CF00NW0000000diSH is the id of the lookup on the page, if you check it using firebug you will get this id. Nestle+Test+-+700 is the name of the relationship record and CF00NW0000000diSH_lkid this stores the relationship id of the record.

For example

assuming that you are referring to lookup on account, CF00NW0000000diSH holds the account name Nestle+Test+-+700 and CF00NW0000000diSH_lkid is holds the accountId which is a23W0000000AGQu.


Just an extension to the answer from user320. There are lots of infos on the net aboul lkid, check it out:

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