Bob Minteer

Chief Systems Architect for a labor management company, a health insurance company and an automobile dealership.

My responsibilities are to manage my IT team and support my users. My position requires me to create and implement software and hardware solutions for desktop, web, server systems which interface via JSON and XML interchange processes.

I have been developing software since 1979, using many languages over the years such as BASIC, COBOL, Assembly Language (6502, z80 & x86), Pascal, Ada, Modula2, C/C++/C#, VB, VBScript, Java, JavaScript. Many of these while on Active Duty in the US Navy, others as a Defense Contractor and civilian.

I have enjoyed working with various forms of markup (HTML, XML, DHTML).

My "axe" of choice is FileMaker in a client/server environment. It affords me a nice living and can be made to do or interface to everything that I've ever needed to communicate with (People, other databases, the web, SMS, Quickbooks, Amazon, Google Docs, etc.) and scales well for the small to medium business market.

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