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What is the quickest way to convert a list to a map?
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Using .putAll() will convert a list of SObjects to a map with the record.Id as the key historyMap.putAll(historyList); I wrote a blog on this:

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Getting "Data Not Available" Trying To Login from iOS Native App
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This appears to be a bug with io8 and Salesforce. I'm seeing a similar issue with Salesforce1 and ios8 displaying visualforce pages. The entire page fails to render in that scenario.

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Salesforce1/Google maps tutorial example now shows blank page
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Correct, you will need to get a google maps API key to use this. You can get one here: - then paste that key in to that section of the script tag

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How long does it take a create/update/delete to complete with the REST API?
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First I would like to get a little bit more info from you. Are you querying in from an external application using the salesforce provided rest endpoints or are you using ApexRest? WRT the time it ...

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