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  • Developer-Programmer by Profession
  • Joystick Junkie - love playing PC/Mobile games(PUBG, C.S v1.6, CoC) in spare time
  • Big Fan of Manchester United F.C. Love to watch LIVE matches
  • I play as a striker for a local club known as Dynamites S.C, Pune under the P.D.F.A.
  • Worked as a Local Manager for Senior Men’s Indian National Football Team under A.I.F.F for an International Friendly match India vs. Nepal held on 31 August 2015 at Balewadi, Pune.
  • Like to play table-tennis, foosball, carrom, x-box, play-station etc.
  • Like to watch selective T.V series & anime(GoT, FRIENDS, Death Note) etc.
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