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Disable conflict detection during deploy in vscode. Select File > Preferences > Settings (Windows or Linux) or Code > Preferences > Settings (macOS). Deselect (uncheck) Detect Conflicts At Sync. Now try deploying the changes. Hope it works.


Not able to open browser to login or change Org This step may help you. Resolve Org Authorization Error in VS Code For example refer the below image: Follow the below steps in order to resolve error: Go to taskbar, right click and select Task Manager or you can use shortcut(Ctrl+Alt+Delete) Search for “Node.js:Server-side JavaScript” process in Processes ...


There's two main concepts you need to be concerned about: your git repository branch, and your Connected Org. The Git repository is a local copy of your code, and you can track modifications to your metadata, and share them on a remote Git server (e.g. GitHub). The state of this local workspace, as well as the remote workspace, isn't automatically the state ...


I also had this problem in spite of the fact that I was trying to run this command while I was in an sfdx project. What helped me resolve this was uninstalling the CLI and uninstalling the sfdx auth plugin then reinstalling both. sfdx plugins:uninstall auth sfdx plugins:install auth npm uninstall sfdx-cli --global npm install sfdx-cli --global After ...


Lately, i have also experienced problem with Prettier new version. Can you try changing the devDependencies in package.json and use a previous version for Prettier plugin. "prettier-plugin-apex": "^1.8.0" After this try to install the Prettier again. npm install prettier-plugin-apex

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