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How to set rules in vscode salesforce security scanner

Open VSCode File - Preferences - Settings. Choose either User or Workspace. Navigate to Extensions - Salesforce Code Analyzer. There is a section Code Analyzer › Rules: Category. Enter Security, for ...
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Apex Test in VS Code: "Faye client generated a transport:down event"

Just got this same error. A test that normally has ~150ms was hanging for about a minute. THen it also automagically resolved itself and ran correctly. Found this trailhead answer which also seems to ...
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Error after installing Salesforce CLI

The error you are encountering indicates that there is a compatibility issue between the Salesforce CLI and Node.js regarding the use of ES modules (ECMAScript modules). This is likely due to the fact ...
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How to Authorize VS Code to Dev Org with SSO/Okta

Typically sfdcfox's answer has worked; however, I ran into the issue today where VS Code kept taking me to a login screen for an Org with Okta/SSO. I removed the '&sdtd=1' parameter out of the ...
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Create metadata Container with sfdx command

The MetadataContainer is part of the Tooling API, not the Metadata API. As such, there is no corresponding mdapi command. The mdapi command deals with commands in the Metadata Developer Guide. The ...
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Unable to deploy due to Payload Error Invalid version specified on package.xml

I don't know if this will be helpful or not, but I can say that I was having the EXACT same (v 61.0) issue as you and at the same time on June 14. I tried many of the same solutions that you did, and ...
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