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Error trying to authorize dev org for trailheads and vscode

As another answer points out, you need to clear your HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) settings relating to Salesforce and Localhost. Open Chrome; navigate to chrome://net-internals/#hsts Into ...
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VSCodedx is no longer showing execute anonumous debug logs in the output panel

You can use : SFDX: Execute Anonymous Apex with Editor Contents from the command pallet. to execute Anonymous
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How can I get VS Code to consider dynamic styles as valid CSS?

For most people who arrive at this question, @Shivangi's answer provides a helpful way to avoid this type of error while working in LWC. However, @Chuck specifically asked: I understand that I can ...
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Get All the Reports Metadata Backup

You can use Package builder to build package.xml file of your org metadata. Once you have full metadata you can copy list of all reports something like below. <?xml version="1.0" encoding=...
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org browser in vs code not working

Make sure your VSCode is up to date. I was having the same problem until I updated.
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Get All the Reports Metadata Backup

Using VSCode with the Org connection established, you may navigate to Reports -> Select Folder you want to backup -> Click on the Download icon next to specific Reports Folder and Report. ...
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Vscode extension code error "transport target for "..\..\lib\logger\transformStream"

Thanks for the insight @nicolas-vuillamy. I got it to work by creating a new project without using webpack to bundle the source. The code looks like that: import { AuthInfo, Connection, ...
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VS Code/sfdx: authorization fails with reason: self-signed certificate in certificate chain

if you are facing error like : Error authenticating with auth code due to: request to https:/test.salesforce/services/token failed, reason: self-signed certificate in certificate chain This is most ...
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