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The case is that for import wizard you use as much accurate labels as possible, so the label shown by fieldMap.get(fName).getDescribe().getLabel() is guarantee that when fields are mapping they will not overlap. What I mean, is that you have Phone field label in Lead, Account, Contact and so on. Here is the documentation that matches .getLabel() with ...


You've made this too complicated Component controller public class controllerClass { public String inputVar1 {get; set;} public controllerClass() {} public List<Object1> getValuesToBind(){ Object2 obj = [SELECT ... FROM Object2 where field =:this.inputVar1 Limit 1]; return obj != null ? [SELECT field1, .....


For anyone who comes across this, the solution for me was to create an outputPanel around the component and rerender that instead of the component itself.


You can add an event listener to the <video> element that is triggered by a play event. Note that the play event is fired automatically if the autoplay attribute is set to true. <video align="center" valign="center" width="500" preload="metadata" controls="true" oncontextmenu="return false;" controlsList="nodownload" id="my-video"> <...

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