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it is a known issue salesforce work to resolve. see this link a workaround can be to get the event using process builder and to extract the data into flow input vara


I have got the solution for this. I just need to set label and description of InvocableMethod. public class ApprovalProcessService { @InvocableMethod(label='Recall Approval Process' description='Recall Approval Process') public static List<ApprovalProcessResult> recallApprovalProcess(Id[] recordIds) { List<ProcessInstance> ...


Your class should be global. global class ApprovalProcessService { @InvocableMethod public static List<ApprovalProcessResult> recallApprovalProcess(List<giveInPutToFlow> recordIds){ // your own logic // I have passed List of wrapper class as parameter but It is not require you can go with your logic. return new List<...


I received no answers but I was able to solve this myself which I'm posting incase anybody else needs to solve this problem in the future. Create a Metadata Type for the the state. Add an entry for each state. Only developers/administrators can added or remove status. A field of this type can be added to the customer record Create a Apex class that ...

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