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LWC - Perform Data validation on Table upon entering value on Table column and populate other columns

I wrote a simple example of how one might accomplish this. Basically, you just need to set the desired values. As an HTML table, you have to set the values yourself, while with lightning-datatable, ...
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How can I make the upload of a specific attachment mandatory

In Salesforce, you can't create a child record before creating its parent record. Thus, any kind of automation would always see that there's no file uploaded and trigger a validation error. How many ...
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Linking the 'new' button on a Custom Object to a specific Opportunity Stage

I found out that I can't hide this button, instead I can make the 'New Quote' only functional when the Stage is 'Approved'. So I managed to find a beginning of a solution using a Validation Rule ...
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How to write a validation rule that throws an error when a field value was already inserted?

Your question is a little ambiguous. Do you mean one of the following? 1. You want to check other fields on the record for the same value as the CreatedById. This is pretty straightforward. Your ...

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