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Validation Rule on Call Object

The error you're getting isn't the root of the problem here. There are 3 issues: You're mis-using the AND() function in the middle of your formula You're missing a comma after the check on the ...
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Validation Rule on Call Object

AND is a function, so it needs to be used as such. AND(cond1, cond2, cond3, ...) So, your validation rule should look like: AND( ISPICKVAL(Interaction_Type__c, "Reactive"), NOT(...
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How to verify a custom metadata type relationship field's datatype

The answer appears undocumented but perhaps someone else can find the relevant documentation. For CMDT validation rules that inspect Metadata Relationship (FieldDefinition) DataType values, you have ...
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Having difficulties hiding a picklist value with a Custom permission and a Validation rule

The validation rules are designed to prevent a user from saving a record with certain values, rather than hiding those values from the picklist itself. To hide a picklist value from a set of users, ...
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