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Does Salesforce impose a limit on the number of user licenses (salesforce or salesforce platform) an organization can purchase?

As far as I can tell, there is no limit. Salesforce will be more than happy for you to pay them more money. About the only thing I'm aware of is that once a single company obtains a sufficient number ...
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Verify account link doesn't work and doesn't allow to login for every new org or every new user

I have found solution today on a call with Salesforce Support. I use MS Outlook as email app. It has a 'Safety link' feature which opens internally a link before you actually click it. Salesforce '...
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Strange error when deploying Experience Cloud Site related to user 8renmai?

The problem was related to Site Domain not being setup on the target sandbox. Once Site Domain is established, the issue has magically resolved.
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MFA is needed starting Nov 12, 2023

MFA is only required for UI logins. Integrations and API logins remain unaffected. In other words, your understanding of the situation is correct.
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Issue sending email using flow and email template with merge fields

$User.xxxx fields are always the running user User.xxxx fields do not act as you expect in Email templates as per this Email Template Merge Fields for User-Based Workflow Rules doc To reference the ...
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Automated Process User Profile Permissions

If you use an Apex trigger instead of Process as a subscriber, it is possible to specify the running user. This means you no longer have to change the Automated Process User, but can define and use ...
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