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This error occurs whenever you are trying to insert the record without providing the value for the required field i.,e "Loan_Amount__c".Seems like you have the validation rule created on the respective Object to make the Loan_Amount__c field as required. So,can you please check the code where you are trying to insert the record as the provided code on this ...


I have searched a lot for the API to get the trailblazer user data, but didn't get any single API working. Finally, I have created the API. Use this, you will get this response {"EarnedBadgeTotal":"value","EarnedPointTotal":"value","CompletedTrailTotal":"value"}


This is a timing issue. After setting up the Dev Hub playground Packaging Playground and enabling the Dev Hub in the Dev Hub playground ... you may need to wait a few minutes for the credentials to propagate in the SFDC backend. For me, it was the length of time to Google around to see if this error had been previously reported Log off/login and try ...

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