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This shall work perfectly with above method. @isTest private static void testSendMail(){ List<Map<Object, Object>> jsonMap = new List<Map<Object, Object>>(); Map<Object, Object> tempMap = new Map<Object, Object>(); tempMap.put('title' , 'Title1'); tempMap.put('link' , 'https://www....


First, in your actual code, it should be Map<String, Object>, as no other types of keys are valid in JSON. Next, you just need to deserializeUntyped: List<Object> selectedRows = (List<Object>)JSON.deserializeUntyped( '[{"title":"Title1","link":""}]'); And pass that in as the ...


Goto setup -> Develop -> Apex Test Execution and click the Options button. Make sure "Store Only Aggregated Code Coverage" is UNCHECKED OR please check Not showing Test code coverage on developer console

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