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Change Task Status default and closed value

We ran into the same issue. Setting the default picklist value for the record type in question allowed us to save the picklist value with the closed checkbox checked. It appears Salesforce is missing ...
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How to prefill lookup value in lightning web component

@thomas **Apex** @AuraEnabled(cacheable=true) public static List<Ambassador_Event__c> getAE(){ return [select id,Ambassador_Event__r.Name from opportunity limit 2]; ...
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How to customize task pop layout on the activities menu?

Customizing the new task layout on the activities menu edit the Global Actions layout. Go to Setup. Enter Global Actions in the Quick Find box. Select Global Actions. Next to the New Task, click on ...
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Create Task based on Opportunity Field Update

For your entry criteria the flow will only ever run once when an empty Follow_Up_Date__c field is populated with a value. The only other time it will run is if a user deletes the value in ...
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Why is my WhoID not pre-populated when creating a task for opportunity

You've written code in Apex, which, in a Trigger/Save Execution context, always runs after you hit the Save button. None of your code will execute on the screen before a user invokes DML. Apex has a ...
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