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Why is my WhoID not pre-populated when creating a task for opportunity

You've written code in Apex, which, in a Trigger/Save Execution context, always runs after you hit the Save button. None of your code will execute on the screen before a user invokes DML. Apex has a ...
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How to hide EmailMessage from shared users?

I was able to achieve this using relatively new feature - Restriction Rules. I've created rule on Task object with User Criteria $User.IsActive=true Record Criteria Owner:User.Id=$User.Id Edit: This ...
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How to hide EmailMessage from shared users?

Tasks are a type of activity. So the object which you are trying to control access would be Activity I think the use case in question is not possible to achieve since any user with Read access to the ...
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How to prefill lookup value in lightning web component

@thomas **Apex** @AuraEnabled(cacheable=true) public static List<Ambassador_Event__c> getAE(){ return [select id,Ambassador_Event__r.Name from opportunity limit 2]; ...
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Best way to prevent reassignment of tasks on account ownership change?

Since you're facing the issue of Salesforce automatically updating the owner of open activities when changing the owner of parent records (e.g., Opportunities, Contacts), you can resolve this by ...
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