I simply wrote a test class to insert a big object. @IsTest static void testBehavior() { Test.startTest(); Database.insertImmediate(new BigAccount__b(Account_Name__c= 'My Big Account')); Test.stopTest(); } Nothing fancy, plain simple, and when I run it I get the error. Error 500/Server Error - UNKNOWN_EXCEPTION: An ...


From what you said I think you are trying to assign a product code to a lookup field, but you need to assign its Id instead. You are trying to assign, for example, 'ABC-1023' to a lookup field, but it is expecting a valid Id, like 'a1p230000000000AAA', which would be sku.Id.


I finally got a proper response from SFDC support saying that there is a known issue (P1). There must be a set of specific circumstances in order to reproduce this. I've also tried a bunch of other things like time based workflows, process builder etc. This isn't a proper answer, though once I find out the exact steps and a workaround, I'll update it. If ...

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